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Marketing Automation

Leverage technology to turn triggers like web clicks, form submissions and CRM updates into automated actions like email follow-up, task assignment and more.

Target, Automate & Scale

Marketing automation is widely known for its ability to "drip" emails to leads and customers. And while that's certainly useful, savvy businesses also leverage automation to create tasks, send internal communications and keep a CRM organized and clean. Marketing automation will help your organization save time, reduce friction and scale its growth in a variety of ways.

Marketing Automation Examples

HubSpot Video

Automation for Lead Follow Up

Check out this video from our HubSpot tutorial library that shows how easy it is to use marketing automation to follow up with new leads.

HubSpot Video

Automation for Task Assignment

Similarly, marketing automation is equally as useful for sending internal communications and creating tasks for your team members.

Automation Triggers

  • Website form submission
  • Page view or click
  • Email open or click
  • Social media engagement
  • File download
  • Manual update to CRM record
  • List membership
  • Deal creation or update
  • Chatbot engagement
  • Meeting booked
  • Ads interaction
  • Workflow enrollment or completion
  • Third-party integration

Automation Actions

  • Send an email
  • Create a deal
  • Update a CRM record
  • Send internal email
  • Create and assign a task
  • Create a support ticket
  • Add to a list
  • Assign a contact owner
  • Register for a webinar
  • Send a text
  • Assign a contact or company owner
  • Add a delay or if/then branch
  • Third-party integration
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