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Customer Engagement

Reduce service-level friction, share more value and keep your customers engaged to propel upsells, referrals and a continuous state of organic, sustainable growth.

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1 Minute Overview
Sales Enablement Solutions | The Gist | Organic Growth Agency | Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner

Happy customers are your greatest growth asset.

Your customers are your greatest marketing asset because their word is more trustworthy than anybody else's. Happy, informed customers will keep working with you, share testimonials and refer their friends. Happy customers help your business achieve a state of organic, sustainable growth over time. Let's design and execute a strategy to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Turn customers into advocates.

You have a marketing strategy. And probably a sales strategy, too. But what about your customer strategy? How are you systematizing how you onboard, support, retain and grow customer relationships? The Gist exists to help you delight your customers and turn them into a center of evangelism and growth.

Customer Strategy

Adopt a dynamic customer strategy that places your customers at the core of your business from the moment they're onboarded through every stage of the customer journey.

CRM + Technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology to facilitate personalized, efficient, and seamless customer interactions, making every touchpoint a delight and driving higher customer satisfaction.

People + Systems

Build robust and scalable systems that enable effective customer support, ensure smooth customer journeys, and capture crucial customer insights to continuously improve and grow.

Implement systems that solve for the customer.

Unlock exponential growth with The Gist's Customer Engagement services, meticulously designed to transform your customers into your most powerful advocates. Experience enhanced customer support, boosted loyalty, and seamless onboarding, turning every interaction into a golden opportunity for growth.

CRM Configuration

Ticketing and Support Systems

Customer Communication

Service Automation

Customer Feedback

Product Marketing

Knowledge Base + Self-Help

Customer Advocacy

Customer Loyalty Programs

Analytics + Reporting

We have improved our HubSpot capabilities to provide us more internal efficiencies and strengthened our communication with our clients.

Marty Hamby

They make the process easy and enjoyable, providing great recommendations on how to optimize HubSpot for our business needs.

Sonya Ahola
The Ahola Corporation

We had HubSpot prior to working with The Gist, but weren't using it to its full potential. We are now seeing the benefits of putting HubSpot to work.

Kyle Masengale
ASAP Payroll

They have been driving our growth for over five years. And there is no one on Earth I trust more when it comes HubSpot.

Joe Peluso
Complete Payroll

They quickly familiarized themselves with our business and provided a structured approach to our marketing efforts.

Jeff Davis

But you'll need to start with your team.

Today, customers expect immediate resolutions and personalized, 24/7 service. But most customer service reps are overwhelmed trying to meet these growing demands because their tools and systems aren't up for the job. With the HubSpot CRM and our Customer Engagement solutions, we can solve that.

Sales Enablement Solutions | The Gist | Organic Growth Agency | Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner

It's HubSpot or bust.

As a Platinum-level Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, The Gist has demonstrated a high level of expertise and proven success in implementing and leveraging HubSpot's powerful suite of tools. This certification signifies our deep understanding of the platform and our ability to help your business maximize its benefits. Choosing The Gist means you're entrusting your inbound marketing to a recognized leader in the HubSpot ecosystem, ensuring effective strategies, efficient execution, and comprehensive support.

Let's talk.

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